Glasscock County News

Volume 17, Number 07                                Garden City, Texas                                   April 13, 2011


County Issues Seismic Permit



                Meeting in regular session April 11, the Glasscock County Commissioners’ Court approved a permit, which will allow MicroSeismic, Inc. lay cables across several county roads in order to perform a hydro-fractural seismic survey. The company, working for Apache Exploration, will use the Books 11-3H well just west of Garden City and south of Hwy. 158 as the central fracturing well.             

            There will be approximately 10 lateral lines in a star pattern with radial arrangements of geophones and connecting cables branching out from the fracking well. The energy caused from hydraulic fracturing of the well will be used by receivers to gather vibrations from the ground in order to watch from below ground as the well being “fracked.” This type of seismic survey is said to be the latest available, and the least invasive and easiest to do, with minimal surface disruption, since no heavy equipment is used.

            Russell Halfmann questioned what all the oil well fracturing in the area is doing to the county’s water supply. He wanted the county to have access to the data from the survey and to hire someone to interpret it. He said pressurized water used in the fracturing process can come into the water supply, which most residents of Glasscock County rely on for their livelihood.

Seismic Data Belongs to Oil Company

            Commissioners Michael Hoch and Mark Halfmann asked whether Glasscock County could have access to the information gained by the survey as it applies to groundwater. Representatives of MicroSeismic said the survey belongs to the oil company that contracted for it. The oil company’s geophysicists interpret the data, and any sharing would be at their discretion. They said independent geophysicists would be very expensive to hire.

            MicroSeismic representatives said the survey is a positive thing, since it can tell the oil company whether it is using too much water in the fracturing process. They said no company wants to damage ground water supplies. They also reminded the court that the permit at hand has nothing to do at all with fracturing of wells in the area, but would provide more data after the fracturing is done.

           County Judge Kim Halfmann said the Glasscock Underground Water Conservation District would be in a better position than the county commissioners’ court to gain access to the survey data. She has visited with GUWCD Manager Rick Harston and said he’s excited about getting information gained through these seismic surveys through the Railroad Commission that may be useful to county residents. The representatives of MicroSeismic said they have also visited with Harston, who was in Austin and couldn’t attend the April 11 commissioners’ court meeting.


GCISD Hires New H.S. Principal


             At its regular meeting April 11, the GCISD board of trustees hired Gary Jones as the new secondary school principal at a salary of $75,000 and a one-year contract. 

             Jones has been an Integrated Physics & Chemistry (IPC) teacher and the TAKS science remediation teacher at Seminole High School since 2008. From 2006 – 2008, he was an IPC teacher and head boys basketball coach at Brady High School; in 2003 – 2006, he taught health and was head girls basketball coach at Crane High School, and from 1999 – 2003, taught elementary PE, junior high science and health and was athletic director/coordinator at Happy High School, Happy, Texas. Prior to that, he taught and coached at Harper High School in Harper, Texas and at Reagan County Middle School in Big Lake.

            He holds a Bachelor of Science from Angelo State University (1988), a Master of Arts in Education from UTPB (2008), Superintendent’s Certification from UTPB (2010) and Counselor certification from Angelo State (Spring 2011).

            He and his wife Joy have two children, Garrison, 20 and Braden, 14.

All Teachers’ Contracts Renewed

            At a meeting March 28, the GCISD board extended the contracts of all teachers for the 2011 – 2012 school year, and approved textbook selections.

            Teachers hired on one-year term contracts: James Barfield, Jana Barnes, Carla Braden, Stephanie Braden, Kelli Dillard, Perla Garcia, Kim Halfmann, Steve Hanson, Carla Hirt, Rusty Hollingsworth, Shelly Koenning, Jean Ann Kujawski, Tanya Multer, Tracie Odom, Amy Schwartz, Kristin Schwartz, Christy Seidenberger, Tracye Spencer and Jill Tubb.

            Hired on multiple assignment one-year term contracts: Koby Abney, Alonzo Garcia, Amy Hoch, Matt Odom and Krista Hughes. Hired on probationary contract: Regina Frizzel. Hired on independent contract: Linda Jones.

           Hired on JR-3 contracts: Phyllis Byrne, Charles Clark, Bea Correa, Yolanda Gamboa, Darrell Hunt, Vance Jones and ReeAnn McKinnon.

County to Provide Fire Trailer


            After discussion, commissioners on April 11 authorized Mark Halfmann to get a trailer that can haul six replacement tires, an air compressor and tools for changing tires in the field when fighting fires. He said such a trailer has been approved before, with the intent of building one locally, but he said no one has time for the construction, and the trailer is badly needed now. Halfmann said flats on trucks are a major problem when fighting pasture fires.

            Discussion seemed to center on getting a double-axel trailer from Big Tex Trailers and equipping it with the necessary gear. The trailer will be stored at the county barn, along with the water trucks and maintainers.

           County commissioners discussed the bank depository contract, which is coming up soon. County Treasurer Alan Dierschke said the county will advertise for bids, and will try to negotiate terms that are more favorable than the last time. He suggested that 1.25 percent should be a minimum interest rate.

County’s Population Drops by 180

            County Judge Kim Halfmann reported she is going to discuss with attorneys how the county should proceed with possible redistricting its voting precincts in light of a 13 percent population drop in the last census. The population went from 1406 in 2000 to 1226 in 2010. No individual precinct numbers are yet available. Commissioner Michael Hoch said if redistricting is necessary, the county might be able to handle it alone.

            Approval was given for a Southwest Cattle Raisers Association officer to use a desk in the county sheriff’s office. Sheriff Burnett said the officer, James Bond, registered by the state as a peace officer, comes out of Midland two or three times weekly, and “does a lot of work for us.” Burnett said his office gets an average of 10 cattle calls daily and Bond helps with those and other matters as well. He said allowing use of a desk in the department would cost the county nothing.

            K. Halfmann gave commissioners a draft of a tax abatement agreement which she will propose at the May court meeting for the CPV wind turbine farm.

            Dierschke said the county’s contract with TXU Energy terminates at the end of May, and a change is being considered. K. Halfmann said the county might use a broker to find the most advantageous rate.

            County Ag. Agent Rebel Royall reported that a European tour for the county’s livestock judging team (four youth and a sponsor) will cost $4335 for each youngster and $4855 for him. He said the June 22 – July 5 trip will include judging competition in Edinburg, Scotland and tours in Scotland, England, France and Germany. He said the trip will take place whether the county provides some funding or not. Judge Halfmann said some money could be shifted into Royall’s travel allocation from other line items in his budget for what she termed “the trip of a lifetime” for the kids. Commissioner M. Halfmann said a public fundraiser might be held to provide some help. Commissioner Jimmy Strube suggested waiting until next month for further discussion, to see what public opinion is. The team won the right to compete in Scotland by virtue of winning the Denver livestock-judging contest.



Board Okays Management Agreement


            On April 11, the GCISD board approved plans for remodeling the elementary school. Parkhill, Smith & Cooper ((architects, engineers and planners) of Midland will oversee bidding and the work on that project. PSC reported that extensive, lengthy meetings with teachers had been held regarding the remodeling and design of classrooms.

            The board discussed the need to totally re-pave the parking lots around the elementary school to the tennis courts and between the football field and bus barn, since there is no base under the current paving. They also talked about the need for a large amount of fill on the west side of the bus barn in order to be able to drive out of that side and about drainage problems there.

            The board decided to do the main parking lots first, with the option of paving the west side of the bus barn later when the county has time to do the fill work.

            Walking ramps around the football stadium will be redone to make them more user-friendly.

            In other action, the board approved the 2011 – 2012 school calendar, copies of which are available in the school administrative office and on the school website at:



Fire-Fighting Volunteers Praised


            County Judge Kim Halfmann praised the county’s volunteer fire fighters at the commissioners’ court meeting April 11. She said she and others delivered sandwiches and water to a fire area recently and she was impressed again with the professionalism, hard work and dedication of all Glasscock County’s volunteers.

            She said not only were firefighters working, but several folks with stock trailers also showed up, ready to help move livestock if necessary. She also voiced thanks to Gary Rogers of Rogers Construction for his willingness to send equipment to fire sites.

            Sheriff Keith Burnett echoed Halfmann’s comments, saying Glasscock County’s people and fire-fighting equipment are the envy of surrounding counties. He said even U.S. Forest Service fire-fighting personnel have been so impressed they just say, “We’re here to help if you need us. Otherwise, we’ll stay out of your way.”

            Commissioner Mark Halfmann asked whether the county should send a water truck to the Ft. Davis fires, where they are in critical need. But K. Halfmann said, as the county’s emergency management coordinator, she is reluctant to send fire-fighting equipment out of the county right now, for fear we might need it here. She wanted to confer with Burnett, M. Halfmann and the local VFD before a truck is sent to Ft. Davis. She said she would gladly send bottled water, and food if needed.



Kindergarten Registration Scheduled



            Kindergarten registration for the 2011-2012 school-year is scheduled for May 9 at 2:45 p.m.

            Children who will be attending Garden City’s kindergarten next year are invited to come to the kindergarten classrooms.  At  this time, the students will be able to meet the teachers, and participate in fun activities. Your child will need to be 5 yrs old by Sept. 1, 2011 to enroll.

            Parents will need to meet in the elementary office to register their children for kindergarten.  Please bring a copy of your child’s birth certificate, shot record, and social security card.  If you are unable to register your child at this time, please come by the elementary office at your convenience or call 354- 2243.




  Glasscock County Sheriff’s Office Monthly Report March 1 - 31: Wrecks – 6, Livestock/Animal Calls – 12, Medical Calls – 5, Rescue – 1, Fires – 9, Unlock Car – 3, Assist Motorist – 1, Domestic Disturbance – 1, Arrests – 0, Roadway Issues – 1, Reckless Driving – 1, Disorderly Conduct – 0, Criminal Trespassing – 1, Assault – 0, Other – 0, Oilfield Calls – 0, Theft – 0, Total Citations – 79.


 Rabies Clinic:  Veterinarian Dustin McElwee with Brock Vet. Clinic will be available to vaccinate pets on May 12 at the following locations:  St. Lawrence Church Pavilion  – 1 p.m. until 3 p.m., Garden City Community Center - 3:30 p.m. until 5:30 p.m.  Price is $8 each. Animals must be present to be vaccinated.  


  March 17, 2011 -- Letter from Sterling County Sheriff Tim Sanders

I would like to personally extend my sincere thanks and congratulations on a job well done to Glasscock County EMS and Sheriff’s Office for the outstanding contributions made during two major traffic accidents, which occurred in Sterling County, Texas recently.

The commitment of all personnel from Glasscock County, to these events cannot be overlooked. The long hours of hard dedicated work is greatly appreciated. Glasscock County EMS and Sheriff’s Office went beyond the normal call for duty and demonstrated a high degree of initiative, professionalism, and solid support. For these efforts, I commend the Glasscock County EMS and Sheriff’s Office and offer my sincere appreciation and thanks for a job well done. If Sterling County can ever be of any assistance, please do not hesitate to call.





  Lexie Schaefer took home a grand champion trophy after a record-breaking performance at the Houston Livestock Show.  Schaefer’s Grand Champion Junior Market Barrow sold at auction for a record $177,000.


  Brent Chudej, a 6-2 senior from Garden City, was named to the San Angelo Standard-Times All-West Texas Super Basketball Team.


  Rachel Hirt was name to the 1st Team, District 12-1A, Division 2 of the All-West Texas Girls Basketball, All District Teams

    Leticia Ramirez was named to the 2nd team.



4-H News


Houston Livestock Show Results


            Lexie Schaefer- Grand Champion Barrow overall, Champion Crossbred, Champion Middle Weight Crossbred, 1st place Crossbred Barrow. (See Spotlight)

            Placements:  Cassie Hirt-18th finewool cross lamb, Brody Halfmann-7th light heavy goat, McCall Schaefer- 8th Yorkshire barrow, Hope Halfmann- 9th Yorkshire barrow, Chapman Royall- 1st Yorkshire barrow, Hagan Halfmann- 6th Yorkshire barrow, Holly Halfmann- 6th Chester barrow, Shelby Schwartz- 8th crossbred barrow, Peyton Schaefer- 3rd crossbred barrow, Ian Schaefer- 3rd crossbred barrow.


Star of Texas Livestock Show- Austin Results


            Placements: Brooklyn Batla- 8th Duroc barrow, Kenzie Schaefer- 9th Duroc barrow, Brylie Schaefer- 2nd black OPB barrow, Lexie Schaefer- 4th Yorkshire barrow, McCall Schaefer- 7th crossbred barrow, Ian Schaefer- 2nd crossbred barrow, Reggie Halfmann- 11th market goat, Cassie Hirt- 11th market goat, Allison Halfmann- 12th market goat, Matthew Halfmann- 4th market goat, Hannah Halfmann- 2nd market goat, Cassie Hirt- 4th finewool lamb, Allison Halfmann- 4th finewool cross lamb.


Livestock Judging Contest Results:


South Plains Contest:

            First Place Team Overall: Brody Halfmann 2nd high individual, Ian Schaefer 3rd high individual, Bryson Batla 11th high individual and Blayne Batla. Others competing were Reggie Halfmann and Ty Halfmann. 


Clarendon Contest:  

            Rafe Royall 3rd high individual, junior level, others competing were Allison Halfmann and Matthew Halfmann.  Competing at the Senior Level were Blayne Batla, Bryson Batla, Brody Halfmann and Ian Schaefer.


Texas Tech Invitational Contest:   

           First Place Team Overall: Blayne Batla 2nd high individual, Brody Halfmann 7th high individual, Ian Schaefer 9th high individual and Bryson Batla. Also competing were Allison Halfmann and Peyton Royall.


Texas Tech Area CDE’s: 

            State Qualifiers:  Fourth Place Team Overall: Ian Schaefer 5th high individual, Blayne Batla, Brody Halfmann and Reggie Halfmann



From the Schoolhouse


  Houston Ag Mechanics Show Results:  12’ entry gate – 2nd in class, Taylor Hughes, Shanna Halfmann; trailer light testing box – 2nd in class, 3rd in division, Sarah Hoelscher


 GCISD band received a rating of ‘1’, which is the highest rating, at the Wink Band Festival recently.


  Robotics:  The Garden City “Safety in Nuclear Disposal” placed second in the Inventions division at the TCEA State Robotics competition held April 9 in San Angelo. Team members are Cassie Hirt, Katy Multer, and Jacob Dalton. The team “Just your Ordinary Cleaner,” whose members are Brittany Schniers, Katelyn Hoelscher, and Heather Havlak, also competed. This competition had 36 teams, Class 5A – 1A.


  Track -Area Qualifiers:  Girls – Kamie Halfmann – 3200m run, 800m run, long jump; Sarah Avery – high jump; Magdaly Huerta –1600m run; Vanessa Cardenas – 3200m run, 1600m run.

Boys – Corbin Davis – 400m run; Juan Bustos – 100m Dash, 200m dash.



  District Golf results:

                Girls Teams: GC 389 1st; Borden County 464 2nd; Grady 487 3rd.

 GC individuals:  Britni Cook 87, 1st Medalist; Katelyn Hoelscher 93, 2nd Medalist; Ashley Halfmann 95, 3rd Medalist; Rachel Hirt 114; Katy Multer 130.

              Boys Teams:  GC 332 1st; Sands 393 2nd; Sterling City 397 3rd.   

GC individuals:  Hayden Halfmann 80, 1st Medalist; Brian Hirt 80, 2nd Medalist; Austin Hoelscher 82, 3rd Medalist; Colton Belew 90; Corbin Davis 92. Hayden and Brian had a 5-Hole playoff for the First Medalist spot.


•  Coahoma Golf Tournament results:


           Girls Team:  Score 371, 1st place; Britni Cook – 90, Katelyn Hoelscher – 91, Ashley Halfmann – 92, Rachel Hirt – 98, Katy Multer – 123.

           Boys Team:  Score 328, 2nd place; Hayden Halfmann – 76, 3rd medalist, Brian Hirt – 79, Austin Hoelscher – 83, Colton Belew – 90, Corbin Davis – 98.  Garden City was the only 6-Man school participating.



  Garden City District UIL Academic results:

            Teams and individuals placing 1st – 3rd qualify for the Regional meet:

              Number Sense:  Team – 1st; Hayden Halfmann – 1st, Brian Hirt – 2nd, Lexie Schaefer – 4th, Ian Schaefer – 6th.  Calculator: Team – 1st; Hayden Halfmann – 1st, Brian Hirt – 3rd, Lexie Schaefer – 5th, Brittany Schniers.  Mathematics: Team – 1st; Hayden Halfmann – 1st, Ian Schaefer – 4th, Brittany Schniers – 5th, Brian Hirt. Science:  Ian Schaefer – 5th.  Computer Science: Team – 2nd; Hayden Halfmann – 2nd. Editorial Writing:  Katelyn Hoelscher – 1st.  Ready Writing: Austin Hoelscher – 3rd.  Headline Writing: Craig Wheeler – 1st. Feature Writing: Jessi Jones – 4th, Samantha Kellermeier – 5th.  Poetry Interpretation: Britni Cook – 4th, Hannah Halfmann – 5th.



 HS STATE TMSCA results:


            Individual Placings:  9th grade - Lexie Schaefer – 1st Place – High Point Freshman, 4th Number Sense, 3rd Calculator, 8th Math, 4th Science; Brandon Gartman – 6th Science; 11th Grade - Reggie Halfmann – 7th Number Sense;

12th Grade - Brittany Schniers – 10th Calculator, 10th Science; Ian Schaefer – 8th Number Sense, 7th Science; Brian Hirt – 4th Place High Point Senior - $900 Scholarship, 4th Number Sense, 3rd Calculator, 10th Math; Hayden Halfmann – 1st Place High Point Senior - $1200 Scholarship; 3rd Number Sense, 4th Calculator, 1st Math, 

Team Placings: 2nd Place Sweepstakes, 3rd Number Sense, 2nd Calculator, 4th Math



JH State TMSCA Meet Results: 


                Sweepstakes2nd Place. Team results: Number Sense – 2nd; Calculator – 4th; Math – 2nd; Science – 1st.

               8th Grade:  Kadden Kothmann – 1st Number Sense, 6th Calculator, 1st Math, 4th Science; Brazos Hirt – 3rd Number Sense, 3rd Calculator, 9th Math, 2nd Science

              7th Grade: Carlie Hollingsworth – 5th Number Sense; Ashlyn Koenning – 7th Calculator; Mikki Barron – 3rd Calculator, 10th Math; Rafe Royall – 11th Number Sense, 5th Calculator, 1st Science; Hugo Almazan – 11th Math, 12th Science.

             6th Grade: Jackson Abney – 4th Number Sense, 6th Science; Brycen Gartman – 8th Number Sense, 8th Calculator, 10th Math, 9th Science; Nohemi Cardenas – 10th Number Sense, 3rd Calculator; Ethan Goodwin – 11th Math.


  JH TMSCA Contest results:


                Team Placing:  1st Number Sense – Kadden Kothmann, Brazos Hirt, Carlie Hollingsworth, Rafe Royall; 1st Calculator- Mikki Barron, Brazos Hirt, Kadden Kothmann, Rafe Royall; 1st Math – Kadden Kothmann, Brazos Hirt, Hugo Almazan, Mikki Barron; 1st Science – Kadden Kothmann, Brazos Hirt, Rafe Royall, Hugo Almazan

             Individual Placings:  8th Grade - Kadden Kothmann – 2nd Number Sense, 4th Calculator, 1st Math, 1st Science; Hope Allen – 5th Calculator; Brazos Hirt – 3rd Number Sense, 3rd Calculator, 3rd Math, 2nd Science; Antonio Ramirez – 6th Math, 4th Science; 7th Grade - Ashlyn Koenning – 6th Number Sense, 3rd Calculator; Mikki Barron – 1st Calculator, 3rd Math; Brooklyn Batla – 5th Number Sense, 6th Math; Carlie Hollingsworth – 1st Number Sense, 5th Math; Hugo Almazan – 4th Number Sense, 2nd Math, 2nd Science; Rafe Royall – 3rd Number Sense, 2nd Calculator, 1st Science; Seth Miller – 4th Math; 6th Grade - Jackson Abney – 1st Number Sense, 4th Math, 1st Science; Brycen Gartman – 4th Number Sense, 4th Calculator, 2nd Math, 2nd Science; Nohemi Cardenas – 2nd Number Sense, 2nd Calculator, 5th Math; Ethan Goodwin – 2nd Math, 5th Science; Itzmara Carranza – 6th Calculator

            State Qualifiers:  Kadden Kothmann – Number Sense, Calculator, Math, Science; Brazos Hirt – Number Sense, Calculator, Math, Science; Ashlyn Koenning – Calculator; Mikki Barron – Calculator, Math; Carlie Hollingsworth – Number Sense;

Hugo Almazan – Math, Science; Rafe Royall – Number Sense, Calculator, Science;

Jackson Abney – Number Sense, Science; Brycen Gartman – Number Sense, Calculator, Math, Science; Nohemi Cardenas – Number Sense, Calculator; Ethan Goodwin – Math


Dates to Note:          


                Regional Academic Meet – April 15 –16; FFA State Cotton Classing Meet – April 16; Regional Golf Tourney – April 18 – 19; Regional Tennis Tourney – April 20 – 21; Regional Track Qualifiers Meet – April 21 – 22; Easter Holidays – April 22 – 25; JH Zone Tennis Meet – April 30; District 4H Round-Up – April 30; Regional Track Meet – May 1 – 2; State Ag Mechanics – May 6; State HS Academic Meet – May 6 – 7; State Golf Tourney – May 9 – 10: State Tennis Tourney – May 9 – 10; Spring Band Concert – May 10.


Check the school website at: for a schedule of current events.





  Roberta Ratliff Reynolds, 91, died on Sunday, March 20, 2011, at her residence in San Angelo. Following a Memorial Service at First United Methodist Church of San Angelo, she was buried at the Garden City Cemetery.

            Roberta was born on December 16, 1919 in Glasscock County, Texas to Bertha Mabel Cox Ratliff and James Brown Ratliff. She graduated from Garden City High School in 1937, attended Texas Tech University, and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Nutrition from Texas State College for Women (today known as the University of North Texas).

            Roberta married Clyde C. Reynolds on January 29, 1943 in Dallas. Roberta and Clyde lived at their ranch in Glasscock and Sterling counties. Clyde passed away November 10, 1992. Roberta lived on their family ranch for 51 years, before moving in 1994 to San Angelo to be near her daughter and family.

            She is survived by a sister and her husband, Juanita and Richard Johnson of Fort Stockton; a brother and his wife, Lester and Betty Ratliff of Big Lake, Texas; a son and daughter-in-law, Ritchie and Jeanie Reynolds; a son- in-law Rex Cotten; two granddaughters, Rachel Leigh and her husband Brendan; Kristi Reynolds; two grandsons, Christopher Cotten and his wife Whitney; Jonathan Cotten; and one great granddaughter, Brooke Leigh.

            She was preceded in death by her parents; two brothers, J.B. Ratliff Jr. and Jesse Derwood Ratliff; and her daughter, Rebecca Reynolds Cotten.

            Roberta was a member of Cumberland Presbyterian Church before moving to San Angelo to become an active member of First Presbyterian Church. She was heavily involved in Meals on Wheels, as well as her Bridge community. She volunteered as a Pink Lady at Shannon Hospital and greatly enjoyed her time as a Wells Fargo Leading Lady. Roberta was a member of Bentwood Country Club, and supported numerous charitable organizations.

           In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to West Texas Boys Ranch, 10223 Boys Ranch Road, San Angelo, Texas 76904; or Meals for The Elderly, 310 East Houston Harte, San Angelo, Texas 76903.




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