Glasscock County News

Volume 9, Number 4                                 Garden City, Texas                                    December 11, 2002



Sound System Approved for Community Center


                The Glasscock County Commissioners' Court approved purchase and installation of a public address system for the community center at its meeting Dec. 9. Steve Sturtz said the system will cost around $5,000, with $1,500 apiece being donated by the local 4-H Club's Billy Goat Bingo fund raiser and by the Community Center Foundation. The county will pay the balance. The equipment will be bought from and installed by Electronic Specialties of San Angelo. The system will initially serve what is called the community room and possible the large meeting room, with other rooms being tied in later, as funds are available. Whether the system can be functional by the January 2003 stock show is not known at this time.

Commissioners Squabble Over Maintainers; Buy New One

                An item put on the agenda by Precinct Four Commissioner Michael Hoch to discuss advertising for bids to sell the Precinct Two (Mark Halfmann's) maintainer prompted spirited discussion. Hoch said he wanted to find out what Halfmann's John Deere maintainer was worth now, since Halfmann declined to take the guaranteed buyback on the machine and buy a new one two years ago. Halfmann said he was willing to take the buyback then, and would sell his machine now, if the commissioners would agree to operate with only three maintainers.

A debate ensued regarding how many maintainers the county should operate. Halfmann has long contended that the county should gradually reduce the number of maintainers it operates, since he says each year, more roads are paved and should require less maintainer work.  However, the other three commissioners and the county judge say they don't think having four bosses (commissioners) and three machines is workable. Hoch said that arrangement would require a road foreman.

Hoch said Halfmann has never presented a plan as to how three maintainers would be shared. Halfmann replied that he thinks a method could be worked out, but it would require that all commissioners agree to do it, and then sit down and decide on a rotation.

Hoch said there was a time when the county operated only two sets of equipment, and two commissioners shared a set. He said two maintainers are easier to manage than three, and it might be possible to get back to two sets at some point in the future.

                Precinct One Commissioner Jimmy Strube and Hoch again stated their views that buying a new maintainer for one of the precincts each year saves the county money in the long run because the trade-in value is greater and all the machines are fully covered by warranties. They also think Caterpillar machines are better and bring more money as trade-ins than John Deeres. Halfmann said his Deere maintainer is just fine.

                Later, the commissioners voted 3 to 1 (Halfmann opposed) to accept the only bid for a new maintainer for Precinct Three (Hugh Schafer's). The bid, from Warren CAT, was $159,000, less a trade-in of $117,000, for a total of $42,000. The machine comes with a guaranteed repurchase of $107,000. The repurchase agreement can be exercised when the machine is three to five years old.

New FCS Agent Introduced

                Charlene Belew was introduced to the court, which formally accepted her as the county's Family and Consumer Science Agent. The county will pay $11,500 of her salary (most of which is paid by the Texas Cooperative Extension Service) and $1,500 for her travel allowance. Belew will be working with 4-H and senior citizens as well as other projects. Belew is a Glasscock County native, the daughter of Dennis and Debbie Schraeder.

                County Judge Wilburn Bednar reported that, according to attorney Glenna Mouton, no clear title is available to the three lots the county has been considering buying immediately east of the post office. She advised that if the county purchased the lots, it build no permanent structures on them. Hoch said there had to be a way to gain clear title; Bednar is to discuss it further with Mouton.

                The court, with no discussion, declined to approve a resolution requested by the Mental Health and Mental Retardation office in Big Spring. The resolution would have asked that the state continue funding for MHMR.

                The court decided to have an employee Christmas party Dec. 19 at 6:30 p.m. The meal of brisket and sausage with trimmings will be catered by Mrs. Martinez, at a cost to the county of $6 per plate.

County Employees Eligible for Cash Prizes

                County Treasurer Alan Dierschke reported that, beginning this month, all county employees who have not qualified for a workmen's compensation insurance claim will be eligible for cash prizes from drawings. The prizes will be as low as $100 for a month's time, and go upward to as much as $1,000 for quarterly prizes. He said the program is sponsored and fully funded by the risk management insurance pool to which the county belongs, and is an attempt to reduce the number of frivolous workmen's comp claims. Bednar said, only half joking, that if an elected official wins one of the prizes, " he had better turn it back in."

                Each member of the county court agreed to individually donate $20 to Project Graduation 2003.




School’s Cash Reserves Increasing


                GCISD’s cash reserves for 2002, $2.9 million, are at the highest level since 1995, when the district held reserves of $3.4 million, according to figures presented by School Superintendent Steve Long at the school board meeting Dec. 9. Long’s figures show a decline in reserves each year from 1996 through 2000, when reserves were at $1.8 million. From 2001 through 2002, the school added $1.1 million to its reserves after raising taxes.

                The school’s auditor, Tracy Tarter, CPA, told the board he was happy that the school is increasing its reserves, and said the money will be needed in the future, especially if enrollment continues to decline.

                At the request of a few parents, the board discussed whether to close the campus for all secondary school students. It is now closed for grades seven and eight, but open for grades nine through twelve. Long said most of these kids eat lunch at the school. Board member Mike Hillger said he doesn’t want to take more freedoms from the kids; board member Karla Hoelscher said the open campus gives kids a chance to learn responsibility. Board member Tibby Niehues said she would like for anyone with a strong opinion in the matter, one way or the other, to let the board know. No action was taken.

Band Trip to Branson Scheduled for Spring

                The board approved a band trip to the Music Festival in the Heartland in Branson, Missouri April 23—27. The band will perform twice during the stay.  A bus will be chartered, Long said.  He said approximately 40 students are in the band, and they are raising money to pay for the trip. Long said he would like to see a trip like this every two years.

                The board discussed how to handle the money Howard College sends the school for students who are concurrently enrolled at the college and at GCISD. Long said it has been divided between teachers, but he wants a written policy about how it is to be used. He wants to first pay for books, which the students now have to buy, then use the balance for teachers. No action was taken.

Purchase of Cafeteria Tables Questioned

                Hoelscher questioned why the cafeteria used extra dollars from its supplies budget to buy new tables, when the old tables were good. She asked Long why the surplus wasn’t used to help with the cafeteria’s deficit. Long said Kay Chandler had asked for the new tables, they discussed it, and decided to buy them. Niehues said the new tables make cleaning easier.

                The board approved a textbook selection committee of Brad Jones, Theresa Eoff, Jean Ann Kujawski, Jimmy Fine and Linda DeWitt. The social studies texts for K-12 are up for adoption this year.

                The board appointed Dennis Fuchs, Wilburn Bednar and Eugene Hirt as its representatives to the county appraisal district.

                Long reported that Tony Gomez recently won the drawing for the trailer. He said money raised will be used for another project.

                Long said he and Daniel Kujawski looked at the house formerly occupied by the Scott family and have planned repairs.




In The Spotlight



•  The Bearkat’s Junior High academic team won the District 8A University Interscholastic League Academic Meet held in Garden City Dec. 3. The Kats scored 388 points to soundly defeat Wink with 360, Iraan with 210, McCamey’s 203 and Rankin’s 104. (See individual results on page 3.)


  GCISD’s Students of the Month for December are Miguel Bocanegra, second grade son of Christina and Jorge Bocanegra; Macy Schwartz, sixth grade daughter of Tara and Paul Schwartz; Emily Gully, eighth grade daughter of Rodney Gulley, and Morgan Kight, eleventh grade daughter of Vicki and David Kight.


  Three Bearkats were named to the District 7—1A 2002 First Team All-District: offensive lineman Josh Schmitz; defensive lineman Drew Plagens and Donato Gonzales from special teams. (See individual selections in From the Schoolhouse.)


 Chelsea Schwartz was recently selected for membership in the National Society of High School Scholars. The society’s mission is to recognize and encourage academic excellence among exceptional high school seniors.







The 66th annual Glasscock County Junior Livestock Show will be January 9 – 11 at the community center. The show begins Thursday with the rabbit show at 4:30 p.m. and continues with sheep showing at 8 a.m. on Friday, and steers at 11 a.m. On Saturday, pigs will be shown at 8 a.m. and goats at 12.30 p.m. The pig scramble will be at 4 p.m., followed by the awards presentation at

4:30 p.m., a barbeque meal at 5:30 p.m. and the premium sale at 6:30 p.m.


  The Glasscock County Senior Citizens will not meet again this month, and they will not meet in January.


  The Glasscock County Co-op is collecting money for Andres Lopez, who worked there for more than 30 years. Lopez had both legs amputated last summer due to complications of diabetes. Those who would like to give financial help can leave checks, made payable to Lopez, at the co-op office, or send them to him at Box 341, Rocksprings, TX 78880. His telephone number is 830/683-3235.


  Weather forecasts by the Climate Prediction Center in Camp Springs, Maryland indicate above normal precipitation and near normal temperatures through January for southwest Texas and southeastern New Mexico. Online maps showing climate outlooks can be viewed at


•  The elementary school’s Christmas program will be Dec. 16 at 6:30 p.m. followed by the school band concert at 7 p.m. in the Ruth Cook Auditorium.


•  Road condition information from the Department of Transportation is available at the following: Texas 1-800-452-9292 or; New Mexico 1-800-432-4269 or Oklahoma 1-405-425-2385 or; Colorado 1-303-639-1111 or


A community-wide pep rally for district play basketball will be held Jan. 6 at 6:30 p.m. Everyone is encouraged to attend.


  Our sincere gratitude to the Lion’s Club and all who participated in the pancake supper they sponsored. A special thanks to the members of the First United Methodist Church for all they have done for us. Your love and prayers have helped us so much. Please keep us in your prayers as we go through this process of getting our family back in good health. There is no better place to live than Glasscock County where so many people care about you.  --- The Garry Huffman family.


  GCISD’s current enrollment is 169 in K-6 and151 in grades 7-12, for a total of 299. There are 17 students in the Head Start program. 



From the Schoolhouse 



Junior High School Captures First

In UIL Academic Meet


                Garden City’s Junior High School racked up 388 points to win the District 8-A West Zone UIL Academic Meet in Garden City Dec. 3. Wink came in second with 360 points, Iraan was a distant third with 210, McCamey scored 203 and Rankin 104.

                Individual results were:

                Eighth grade: Ready Writing — Alex Halfmann 1st; Editorial Writing — Alex Halfmann 4th, Evan Jansa 5th; Dictionary Skills —Luis Zuniga 5th; Maps, Graphs & Charts — Taylor Niehues 1st, Doug Cmerek 6th; Science — Colton Schwartz 1st, Taylor Niehues 2nd, Cade Halfmann 4th; Mathematics — Taylor Niehues 2nd, Colton Schwartz 4th, Erin Hirt 5th; Calculator — Taylor Niehues 1st, Cade Halfmann 5th; Number Sense —Colton Schwartz 3rd, Taylor Niehues 4th; Spelling — Emily Gully 3rd, Chance Burks 5th, Evan Jansa 6th; Oral Reading Finals — Cade Halfmann 1st; Impromptu Finals — Lauren Plagens 3rd.

                Seventh gradeReady Writing — Brittney Chudej 2nd; Listening Skills — Mikela Barton 5th; Dictionary Skills — Lyza-Ann Lopez 2nd, Analisa Gonzales 4th, Amy Multer 5th; Maps, Graphs & Charts — Wade Jansa 1st, Lyza-Ann Lopez 3rd; Science — Wade Jansa 1st, Mikela Barton 3rd; Mathematics — Wade Jansa 1st; Calculator — Amy Multer 3rd, Wade Jansa 5th; Number Sense — Wade Jansa 1st, Amy Multer 3rd; Spelling — Mikela Barton 2nd; Impromptu Finals — Spencer Plagens 1st, Whitney Kellermeier 4th, Halie Schaefer 5th.



Elementary School Places Second in UIL Competition


Garden City’s Elementary School placed second with 464 points at the District 8-A West Zone UIL Academic Meet.  Wink won the meet with 493 points, Iraan earned 373 points and McCamey had 212.

                The events and the student’s placements were:

Creative Writing - Craig Wheeler 3rd, Sarah Hoelscher 4th, Izamar Ocon 6th; Storytelling - Brody Halfmann 1st, Peyton Schaefer 4th, Katy Multer 4th; Ready Writing - Cassie Hirt 2nd, Laura Halfmann 2nd, Kaci Coats 5th, Adriana Ramirez 6th; Music Memory - Samantha Kellermeier 2nd, Katelyn Hoelscher 2nd, Brett Chudej 2nd, Lauren Wheeler 3rd, Marcus Dalton 3rd, Marcus Cook 3rd; Number Sense - Hayden Halfmann 1st, Michael Clarke 1st, Brian Hirt 2nd, Brooke Halfmann 2nd, Brittany Schniers 4th, Landon Wesley 4th,   Paige Niehues 5th; Art Contest - Dylan Lowery 3rd, Joshua Colunga 3rd, Laura Halfmann 3rd, Amanda Trevino 3rd, Leticia Ramirez 3rd; Oral Reading - Paige Niehues 3rd, Heather Havlak 5th, Melissa Hirt 5th; Maps, Graphs & Charts - Michael Clarke 2nd, Adriana Ramirez 2nd, Jake Schwartz 3rd, Paige Niehues 4th, Brooke Halfmann 5th; Spelling - Lauren Wheeler 2nd, Kate Halfmann 4th, Levi Schaefer 4th, Paige Niehues 5th, Michael Clarke 5th, Jordan Jost 6th; Dictionary Skills - Michael Clarke 1st, Jake Schwartz 1st, Britton Avery 3rd, Adriana Ramirez 4th, Andrea Olivarez 5th; Listening Skills - Jacob Schmitz 2nd, Adriana Ramirez 4th, Kate Halfmann 6th, Noemi Gonzales 6th; Impromptu Speaking - Kaci Coats 3rd, Britton Avery 5th; Mathematics - Brooke Halfmann 1st, Michael Clarke 2nd, Levi Schaefer 3rd; Calculator - Cole Schwartz 1st, Jake Schwartz 5th.




Honor Rolls Announced (Second Six Weeks)


Secondary School


                •  The “A” Honor Roll: seventh grade — Wade Jansa, Amy Multer, Mikela Barton, Whitney Kellermeier; eighth grade — Cade Halfmann, Taylor Niehues, Colton Schwartz, Marissa Schwartz; ninth grade — Tyler Bednar, Katie Gully, Cory Multer; tenth grade — Megan Niehues, Amanda Hirt; eleventh grade — Anna Flores, Noemi Guerrero, Amanda Henson, Jessica Hoch, Brecklyn Hughes, Allison Jansa, Leslie Jansa; twelfth grade — Keith Batla, Linda Branham, Alicia Frysak.


•  The “A—B” Honor Roll: seventh grade — Bo Eggemeyer, Analisa Gonzales, Eric Hirt, Lyza-Ann Lopez, Nick Sanchez, Halie Schaefer, Cutberto Tenorio; eighth grade —Chance Burks, Emily Gully, Alex Halfmann, Erin Hirt, Julie Hirt, Evan Jansa, Sam Long, K’Lann Niehues, Chase O’Brien, Victoria Ortiz, Justin Pierson, Lauren Plagens, Katie Schmitz; ninth grade — Cade Doss, Tracy Eggemeyer, Shaun Maxie, Kayla Medrano, Angel Rodriquez; tenth grade — Terri Branham, Viviana Gamboa, Brandi Halfmann, Trey Hillger, Colby Hirt, David Neufeld, Todd Weishuhn, Logan Willis, Timothy Schniers; eleventh grade — Stacy Gully, Morgan Kight, Dora Martinez, Kim Webb; twelfth grade —Rhetta Alvarado, Brandon Bednar, Marianne Halfmann, Lisa Hoelscher, Natalie Hoelscher, Bonnie Pelzel, Pat Randal, Samuel Sanchez, Kaycee Schniers, Angela Schraeder, Patricia Sullivan, Guillermina Tenorio and Adrian Trevino.


Elementary School


•  The “A” Honor Roll:  first grade — Cassie Espinosa, Brandon Gartman, Ashley Halfmann, Cody Halfmann, Hannah Halfmann, Kellan Kirkland, Alejandra Salazar, Lexie Schaefer, Peter Suderman, Shawn Walker; second grade — Kaitlyn Braswell, Brody Halfmann, Sarah Hoelscher, Izamar Ocon, Peyton Schaefer; third grade — Cassie Hirt, Shelby Schwartz; fourth grade — Brett Chudej, Hayden Halfmann, Katelyn Hoelscher, Jordan Jost, Samantha Kellermeier, Ian Schaefer, M’Call Schaefer, Brittany Schniers; fifth grade — Kate Halfmann, Lane Halfmann, Laura Halfmann, Paige Niehues, Adriana Ramirez; sixth grade — Michael Clarke, Brooke Halfmann, Levi Schaefer, Lauren Wheeler.


• The “A—B” Honor Roll:  first grade — Bryson Batla, Keith Clifton, Tina Fehr, Kamie Halfmann, Jessica Martinez, James McQueen; second grade— Miguel Bocanegra, Michael Correa, Eva Fehr, Casey Hare, Andrew Hicks, Austin Hoelscher, Agatha Koethler, Justin McMaster, Bianca Montes, Alyssa Wesley, Craig Wheeler; third grade — Blayne Batla, Britni Cook, Jacob Dalton, Reggie Halfmann, Calleen Jansa, Jessi Jones, Katy Multer, Jessica Olveda; fourth grade — Joshua Colunga, Adrian Guerrero, Heather Havlak, Brian Hirt, Rachel Hirt, Aaron Long, Dylan Lowery, Leticia Ramirez, Boone Webb, Johnathon Young; fifth grade — Marcus Cook Marcus Dalton, Noemi Gonzales, Amber Halfmann, Dylan Jansa, Kelsey Jones, Andrea Olivarez, Lauren Schwartz, Morgan Schwartz, Paige Sturtz; sixth grade — Britton Avery, Kaci Coats, Vikki Garza, Travis Gully, Sydney Halfmann, Melissa Hirt, Cole Schwartz, Jake Schwartz, Macy Schwartz.



All-District Football Selections Announced



                Garden City football players named to the District 7—1A 2002 All-District team are: 

                First team:  offensive lineman, Josh Schmitz; defensive line, Drew Plagens; special teams, Donato Gonzales.

                Second team: running back, Brian Hillger; fullback, Daniel Martinez; offensive lineman, Drew Plagens; defensive lineman, Josh Schmitz; linebacker, Daniel Martinez; defensive back, Brian Hillger; punter, Josh Schmitz.

                Honorable mention: offensive lineman, Pat Randal; defensive back, Todd Weishuhn; tight end, Blake Chudej.





  Edward Byron Bryans Sr. died Nov. 20 and was buried at Trinity Memorial Park in Big Spring. He was born April 24, 1920 in Garden City to John Clarence Bryans and Iva Lee Cox Bryans. He served his country in the Army Air Corps for four years during World War II. He and Helen Partlow were married in Illinois in 1942. They moved to Roswell, N.M. from Long Beach, CA in 1985. He was a rancher and cowboy and a member of Aldersgate Methodist Church in Roswell. He is survived by his wife, Helen, of the home; children Edward Bryans Jr. and Jenny Chrisman and husband Lloyd, all of Roswell; a brother, Leonard Bryans of Dallas; two sisters, Myrl Fitzhugh of Fort Worth and Bonnell Newland of Crane, six grandchildren and eleven great-grandchildren.


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