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Volume 8, Number 4                                 Garden City, Texas                                    December 12, 2001



Community Center Opening Set


It’s been a decade-long process, but on Dec. 17, the new Glasscock County Community Center will be open for business.  A ribbon-cutting ceremony conducted by the County Commissioners’ Court is scheduled for 3 p.m. that day at the facility. The ribbon-cutting highlights a 3–6:30 p.m. open house at the 17,600 square foot building. 

            Aside from serving the county as a meeting facility, the center will also office the county’s Texas Cooperative Extension staff. 

            “We’re excited with the whole facility; we feel it is a very attractive, functional addition to the county,” said Steve Sturtz, Glasscock County Extension agent. “Our Extension Community Development Committee Chairman, Eugene Hirt, spoke for many of us when he commented that seeing the facility completed made him feel almost like a proud papa. He and several other committee members have been working on this project for over 10 years. We’re all glad to see it finally done.”

            Actual construction on the facility began following a special bond election last August.

In addition to the Extension offices, the building contains the “Community Room,” capable of seating 340, the “Conference and Exhibit Hall,” with a 110-person capacity, and a small meeting room that seats up to 20. The building also features an indoor livestock- holding facility and a full kitchen, complete with commercial appliances and walk-in cooler.

            “We plan to use the Center for school functions, educational programs, 4-H activities, civic group meetings, social events and county-sponsored livestock shows,” said Sturtz. “It’s something this county has needed for a very long time.”

            The Vandergriff Group of Midland designed the $810,000 Center and N.C. Sturgeon Construction was the contractor.




New Facility to House Livestock Show



            The 65th Annual Glasscock County Junior Livestock Show will have a new home when it begins Jan. 3. The new Glasscock County Community Center will house the event, which for many years has been held in the school’s bus barn.

            The order of events has changed some for this year’s show. It will begin Jan. 3 with the swine show at 1:30 p.m. the only event  that day.  On Jan. 4, the goat show will begin at 8 a.m., followed by the rabbit show at 1 p.m.  Sheep, showing at 8 a.m., will open the Jan. 5 schedule, followed by steers at 9:30 a.m., and the famous pig scramble at 11 a.m. There will be a barbecue lunch at noon, an awards presentation at 1:30 p.m. and the premium sale at 2 p.m.

            Approximately 60 participants are expected to show some170 swine, 100 goats, 90 rabbits, 60 sheep and 20 steers.







  A ribbon-cutting ceremony to officially open the Glasscock County Community Center will be held Dec. 17 at 3 p.m. at the facility in Garden City. It will be followed by an open house until 6:30 p.m. Everyone is invited to attend.


  Anyone interested in Emergency Medical Technician training should contact Mark Frysak at 397-2307. If enough people are interested, an organizational, informational meeting will be held at a date to be announced.


  A second session of Weight Watchers meetings will begin Jan. 7 in St. Lawrence. Twenty members are needed to keep the group going, and new members are welcome. The meetings are 30 minutes long. Call Belinda Wieshuhn at 397-2346 for information.


  Rules for using the Glasscock County Community Center were adopted by the county commissioners’ court Dec. 3.  [They are essentially those proposed and highlighted in the November issue of this newsletter.] Copies of the rules are available at the Texas Cooperative Extension Office in the Center. To make arrangements to use the Center, call the Extension office at 354-2381 or 354-2608 between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m., M–F. Reservations are on a first-come, first-served basis.


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  There will be a catered Christmas party for county employees Dec. 19 at 7 p.m. at the community center. Those who plan to attend should advise Becky Batla or Alan Dierschke no later than Dec.17. 


  A Christmas band concert, featuring both elementary and secondary bands, will be held Dec. 13 at 6 p.m. in the Ruth Cook Auditorium at the school. Everyone is invited to attend.


  The 2001 Round-Up for Rehab has raised $308,000 for the West Texas Rehabilitation Center’s operational expenses.




‘Garden City Bearkats’ to Highlight Tower



            The Glasscock County Commissioners’ Court discussed a sign on the proposed elevated water tower which is to be built for Garden City’s water system. The court agreed that “Garden City Bearkats” will be painted on the tower and whether the Bearkat logo will be included depends on which type tower is selected, due to space considerations. The tower will be either a four-legged or single-pedestal type, depending on price. According to County Judge Wilburn Bednar, project engineer Steve Dennis said he didn’t think the sign would be large enough to be visible from either Highway 158 or Hwy. 33, and suggested that it be positioned so that it is visible from the football field.

A public hearing regarding the water tower will be held Jan. 30 at 1:30 p.m. at the courthouse, and bids for the tower will be awarded Feb. 11 during the regular commissioners’ court meeting. Interested parties are encouraged to attend both meetings.

The court and engineer Dan Glass discussed paving around the community center. The court is trying to decide whether to use an “aggregate-type mix” surfacing like that used on county roads, or a more expensive, smoother, “hot mix “ surface. Glass is concerned about the more porous aggregate mix “bleeding” in hot weather and being tracked into the building, and said it can also be a problem with women’s high heels.  Commissioner Jimmy Strube said the aggregate-mix bleeding problem around the GC Coop office in St. Lawrence has been “pretty much” solved by spreading “chat”  [an inexpensive, finely-ground caliche substance] over the asphalt during hot weather. No decision was made.

The court briefly discussed a report from Charles Pehacek regarding problems with improper dumping at the county’s trash  facilities. Commissioner Hugh Schafer said the problems are mostly due to the dumps being closed too often. He said even if conditions are too wet for dumping, there should still be some monitoring of the facilities.

County Treasurer Alan Dierschke told the court he would require certified letters from all subcontractors stating that they have been paid in full before the county pays community center contractor N.C. Sturgeon its $75,000 completion fee.

In other action, the court re-appointed Vernon Gill and Dale Hillger to the county appraisal district board, and the judge and each commissioner contributed $20 to Project Graduation 2002.




In The Spotlight



  Garden City Elementary School placed second at the UIL District Meet in November, narrowly missing first place. The local team scored 552 points, while Wink scored 555 1/2 points to win first place. Iraan scored 329 1/2, and Rankin scored 133 points.


  Sixth-grader Wade Jansa placed first in five events at the recent UIL District Meet. He scored highest in Number Sense, Calculator Applications, Dictionary Skills, Mathematics and Maps, Graphs and Charts. He is the son of Jennifer and Wayne Jansa.


• Chelsea Schwartz will attend the Presidential Classroom Law & Justice in a Democracy program in March in Washington, D.C. The program provides students an in-depth look at the federal legal system and how the federal government operates. Chelsea is a junior at GCHS.


  Chelsea Schwartz recently won the title of Miss Teen Southeast Texas in Houston, as well winning the talent and swimsuit competitions. She will compete at the Miss Teen Texas pageant in July. Chelsea is the daughter of Floyd and Martha Schwartz.


  Kamie Schwartz has been elected as president of Rho Lambda, an honor society for sorority members at West Texas A & M University. A senior management major, she is a 1998 graduate of GCHS and the daughter of Floyd and Martha Schwartz.




From the Schoolhouse


Elementary Students Excel at UIL Meet


           Garden City Elementary School placed second at the UIL District Meet in November, narrowly missing first place. The local team scored 552 points, while Wink scored 555 1/2 points to win first place. Iraan scored 329 1/2;  Rankin133.


            Students who placed were: Sixth Grade ­­– Wade Jansa, 1st place Maps, Graphs, and Charts, 1st place Mathematics, 1st place Number Sense, 1st place Calculator, 1st place Dictionary Skills; Whitney Kellermeier, 1st place Impromptu Speaking, 2nd place Mathematics, 4th place Ready Writing; Mikela Barton, 1st place Spelling, 3rd place Listening Skills, 5th place Ready Writing; Eric Hirt, 2nd place Calculator, 3rd place Number Sense, 5th place Mathematics, 6th place Maps, Graphs, and Charts; Lyza-Ann Lopez, 2nd place Maps, Graphs and Charts, 4th place Dictionary Skills; Spencer Plagens, 2nd place Impromptu Speaking; R. C. Leitgeb, 2nd place Music Memory, 6th place Spelling; Michelle Gonzales, 2nd place Music Memory; Amy Multer, 3rd place Dictionary Skills, 5th place Number Skills; Halie Schaefer, 3rd place Impromptu Speaking; Kevin Hillger, 3rd place Oral Reading; Brittney Chudej, 4th place Listening Skills.


            Fifth GradeMichael Clarke, 1st place Maps, Graphs, and Charts, 1st place Art, 1st place Dictionary Skills, 2nd place Music Memory; Jake Schwartz, 1st place Art, 3rd place Maps, Graphs, and Charts, 4th place Number Sense; Eve Dyck, 1st place Oral Reading, 4th place Ready Writing; Brooke Halfmann, 1st place Number Sense, 5th place Listening Skills, 6th place Dictionary Skills; Levi Schaefer, 1st place Art, 3rd place Spelling, 4th place Dictionary Skills; Jacob Schmitz, 1st place Art, 6th place Listening Skills; Lauren Wheeler 1st place Spelling; Kaci Coats, 2nd place Music Memory; Britton Avery, 2nd place Music Memory; Melissa Hirt, 6th place Ready Writing.


            Fourth Grade – Laura Halfmann, 1st place Art; Landon Wesley, 2nd place Number Sense; Kelsey Jones, 3rd place Music Memory; Adriana Ramirez, 3rd place Music Memory; Marcus Dalton, 3rd place Music Memory; Kate Halfmann, 4th place Ready Writing, 6th place Spelling; Paige Niehues, 4th place Oral Reading, 4th place Number Sense, 6th place Ready Writing; Marcus Cook, 6th place Oral Reading.


            Third GradeHeather Havlak, 1st place Storytelling; Samantha Kellermeier, 1st place Ready Writing; Leticia Ramirez, 3rd place Music Memory; Rachel Hirt, 3rd place Music Memory; Katelyn Hoelscher, 4th place Ready Writing; M’Call Schaefer, 6th place Storytelling; Jordan Jost, 6th place Spelling.


            Second GradeMichael Lopez, 2nd place Creative Writing; Jacob Dalton, 5th place Creative Writing; Katy Multer, 5th place Storytelling.


            Other students who participated in the meet were:  Shelby Schwartz, Jessi Jones, Shanna Halfmann, Cassie Hirt, Sarah Avery, Hayden Halfmann, Aaron Long, Brian Hirt, Dylan Lowery, Joshua Colunga, Brittany Schniers, Lane Halfmann, Amber Halfmann, Johnathan Gutierrez, Morgan Schwartz, Diana Cansino, Sydney Halfmann, Edgar Najera, Samantha Pitts, Analisa Gonzalez, and Nick Sanchez.


            Coaches for the event were:  Theresa Eoff, Vicki Kight, Kim Halfmann, Dana Cook, Brad Jones, Jean Ann Kujawski, Carla Hirt, Micki Wesley, Phyllis Byrne, Tanya Multer, Ken Chandler, Kristi Long, Darla Burks, Karen Rasco, Judy Webb, Robin Gray, and Lynda Frysak.



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